5/3/1 and learning to train properly

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    hey dudes, thought I’d take a poll as to what you guys are doing to continue making strength gains in the gym. My strength has been exploding lately using 5/3/1 and correcting a few mistakes I made the first time I ran the program.

    1. Be honest about your training maxes. I said screw the formula and used percentages based off 100% of lifetime maxes. This led me to stall early and lose faith in the program.

    2. Take your scheduled rest days. I was an idiot and would go a month without a rest day and also didn’t deload. I was sore and exhausted and not making any progress.

    3. Eat enough. When I first ran the program I was one of those idiots trying to lose fat and gain muscle and strength. Since I stopped counting calories and just put more work in in the gym, I’ve made tons of progress not only on the main lifts but accessory work as well. Be accountable but not anal about your food/exertion ratio and you shouldn’t gain too much of a beer gut. My lifts have increased significantly and I haven’t gained an inch on my waist nor a pound on the scale.

    I share these things because I’m sure they’re applicable to any other strength program and they were hurdles that greatly impeded my progress in the weight room. Being a stubborn dumbass has its place but not in the weight room and I’ve finally learned that.

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