Asian MMA gym looking to hire temporary coach/fighter

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by Bashir Ahmad, Jan 5, 2018.

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    Good idea. Someone from the Caucasus region would fit - wrestling and MMA are very popular there and most ppl are Muslim.
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    No offence you both sound stupid as fuck.

    First off Pakistan is nothing like the Middle East. - not just racially different to Arabs but drastically different culturally. The only thing Pakistan shares with the Middle East is a shared religion. Not to mention it isn't even geographically located in the Middle East - it's in South Asia. Add on the fact that the languages/cuisine among a whole load of other stuff are very different. Fancy trying to say Punjabis are similar to Arabs...

    Second Pakistan is a stable country - as someone who conducts business over there & has visited there I think I can say that with 100% confidence. Yes it has it's problems for sure but it is a stable country and unlike Iran it's not run by a religious figurehead that acts as a dictatorship. Also unlike Iran, women in Pakistan aren't forced to cover their heads with a parda (head-covering) - watch Pakistani TV - you'd be surprised how many women aren't wearing hijabs,parda, niqabs or any sort of religious attire. Also unlike Iran it's a functioning democracy but extremely corrupt imo.

    Third there aren't thousands of extremists willing to kill every nonbeliever on sight - that is preposterous BS. Where the holy fuck did you come up with that? If that were the case - the large expat communities in Islamabad, Karachi & Lahore would have been wiped out by now.

    Please never step foot anywhere in South Asia. With prejudiced views like that I don't think the people there would want you to turn up.

    Lay off the Fox News and actually try visiting places if you want to make judgement of what a country is actually like. I mean you really think the news will tell you what countries are like - they are there to report incidents/events mainly negative - not tourism guides to tell you how a country is and what to expect.

    FYI - You're more likely to encounter corruption in Pakistan than any extremism. Corruption is all over the place - in Pakistan money talks not religion. But you'd know that if you'd actually visited before making stupid assumptions. I'm sure even TS knows that money talks over there.

    Imagine if I made opinions based on Thailand without ever having gone there - people would think I'm stupid as fuck and rightly so. Luckily though I seem to have a functioning brain. Unfortunately stupidity has gripped many sub-forums here - luckily the standup forum has been a safe haven until you two just popped in.
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    Mexico and Brazil are dangerous countries as well, but I don't hear complaints. Those are countries where if you stop at a red light after 9 PM, getting jacked is the least of your problems
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    Pardon me if I’m not able to gallivant around Pakistan and form a personal opinion about the place. I was just making a throwaway comment about the place and the region, but after doing a quick dig on the travel advisory warning I see that Iran and Afghanistan both have the highest level 4 advisory which simply means “Do Not Travel” and Pakistan has a 3 for “Reconsider travel.”
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