Bad knee

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    Sounds like
    patellar chondromalacia, but many knee injuries are similar - if your patellar tracks out of alignment, you wear away the cartilage on the underside of the knee cap.

    I’m no doctor just a guy who has had this diagnosis with microfissures a decade. I am still active, I avoid long distance running but still squat over 4, keeps my runs short, switched to the rower for cardio.

    You’ll need an mri, X-rays won’t see the cartilage damage.

    Check out the symptoms, might fit.
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    ve been having a sore knee every now and then for a long time now.

    I mostly have it when i’m walking somewhere, stand up for a long time or the day after exercising.

    It’s not extremely painful, just sore, but sometimes it collapses, dont know if its a broken tendon for like a split second.

    Any advice? other than asking me to see a doctor

    I don’t wanna go see a doctor ‘cause it doesn’t bother me so "dont bother telling me to go see a doctor" extremely much, but i’d like to know if anyone has experienced this and knows what’s up?

    go see a doctor !!!!!!
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    The general consensus here is see a doctor.

    I hope you get well and feel better. :)
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    I have been doing lots of ballancing work on balance disk and my knees have been so much better. I do sled work and single leg squats. World of difference.
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    Update: I have IT Band Syndrome, AKA, "Runner's Knee". This was almost certainly a result of the 5K I ran for charity at the end of May. No good deed goes unpunished.

    Luckily, it's not a particularly severe case. The Sports Physio reckons it was caused by last section of the race, which was about 1 K down a steep hill. Running downhill is one of the most potentially damaging things you can do. Depending on the grade, the impact each time your foot hits the ground can by up to eight times your own body weight.

    I've been given a regime of exercises to help strengthen the muscles around my knees and hips, and told to avoid jogging. I can run uphill, so Hill Sprints are fine. As long as I walk back down. I can also walk while carrying a weighted rucksack, or Rucking as it's also known.
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