CLETO REYES Gloves Honest Review from an HONEST Guy

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Reviews' started by Jackson Tran, May 6, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    I have recently purchased a pair of 16 oz Cleto Reyes Velcro Training gloves. I know this may sound silly, but I've been living my whole life as an honest dude, and since I really love boxing a lot I figure I gotta do this review to help everyone who is going or interested in investing a pair of high-end boxing gloves.

    Alright. Where should I start. Before purchasing this new pair, I've owned a pair of 14oz Winning Velcro gloves and an 14oz Everlast Isoplate. Yes, I am very grateful and fortunate that I can afford these expensive pair of gloves, and I do really appreciate them!

    Long story short, at first the Cleto Reyes are really freaking hard and stiff. In fact, I've hurt my fingers and thumb quite a bit during my first training with them. Honestly I was quite pissed off. However, please be patient! After doing a few time with the heavy bag, also I did a simple trick on youtube to break in the gloves faster (the link of the video will be at the end), I gotta say the Cleto Reyes do feel freaking awesome in terms of punching feeling. As they say, Cleto Reyes are puncher gloves.

    Again, please be patient! If you want to go for the feelings of punching, go for Cleto Reyes. Winning on the other hand would give a very pleasant comfort and protection to your knuckles. Personally, I think if you can afford the price tag then buy both and use them interchangeably.

    Thank you for your time reading this post. I do really wish you guys can purchase your perfect pair of gloves! Have a good day and do not forget to train hard work hard!





    Simple Tip on how to break in boxing gloves while not in use : ""
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    cool story bro !
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    North Korea
    Not really a review. You essentially just told us to break our gloves in... which anyone who owns or has owned a pair of gloves knows.

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