Handling a Colitis Flare Up

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    So basically this UC and crohns has to do with bad bacteria or lack of good bacteria in the intestinal tracts, the bacteria is the key to help fight off invaders in the gut, I heard certain chemicals in foods we eat kill off the good bacteria, you never hear of people from the Amazon who dont eat processed foods and wild caught natural foods develop these illnesses and they dont even properly wash thier foods and probably eat parasites yet their gut bacteria is so strong that it is able to fight off illnesses in the jungle.

    I think Sodas, and artificial foods, coloring and additives kills off our gut microbe as well as hormones and antibiotics in milk and meats.

    That sounds disgusting, but yeah I heard probiotics die in your gut, there are only a few strains that survive past the gut acid, and they also have a few that use enteric caps that survive and go into the small intestine and then travel

    That VSL3 probiotic powder you basically make it into a drink and gulp it but it has so many billions of bacteria because the majority die in the stomach acid, so you basically overwhelm your gut with this bacteria hoping some will be able to creep into the intestines and survive, many times people will get cramps from it though.
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    You would rather shove someone else's feces up your own colon than smoke about 1/3g of 20% thc cannabis each night for six months?


    Like I said before, talk to your doctor. If they recommend the poo pills, do that. If they're giving you the choice, take your preference.

    For me, if I were diagnosed with ibs, I know what treatment I'd seek out; hint, it's also the most affordable of the three mentioned in my post.
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    Last time I smoked some cannabis it triggered a flare up...Maybe the quality wasn't good, who knows.
    I will bring it up though once I'm in with the specialist. Drugs and treatments have changed over the 15 yrs, so I'm just trying different things. I would swallowed someone's shit no worries "lol", if it means I'll no longer be riddled with Ulcerative Colitis.

    Thanks for your comments bro :);)
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    Smoking out back with Sak.
    Figure out if you have any food allergies or sensitivities. Probably good idea to cut out dairy and gluten regardless (and booze and coffee obviously).

    Fasting really helps. 24 hours min.

    Then all the stuff everyone else has mentioned: probiotics, fish oil, boswellia, glutamine, etc...

    The only thing I can offer is that my dad and I have basically the same genetic material (we look the same and everything) and he had have his colon removed because he refused to make any changes, whereas I'm doing great because I did. So it can be done. Good luck.
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