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Discussion in 'Sports Bar' started by Joe_Armstrong, Dec 26, 2017.

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    England almost always field a strong team on paper but come tournament-time they inevitably end up looking like a bunch of retards trying to fuck a door knob. Going into Euro 16, you would be forgiven for saying England had theoretically one of the strongest teams in the tournament... guys like Kane, Vardy, Dele Ali, Sterling, Rashford, Sturridge etc... all of whom were scoring goals for fun in the premier league. That along with the experience of Rooney, Cahill, Hart etc... but still end up conceding to Iceland from a fucking throw-in and leaving the tournament having only won one game. It's the typical cycle now... they look absolute dynamite in the qualifiers, then just bottle it when it matters. It's why whenever a major tournament rolls around we always have the "what is England's problem?" debate. And sacking Big Sam was a schoolboy error in my book, no matter what he had done. At least he might make the England team play football the English way. Rather than allowing an arrogant Sterling to constantly try to dribble through defenders like an absolute lemon. Should've taken him off first time he tried that shit.

    He doesn't have a strange accent? He speaks slightly strange like he has a golf ball in his mouth, but that's not to do with his accent. He has a very typical southern English accent. We're not all either posh or cockney... we don't live in some mad Mary Poppins/Oliver Twist world. That's a very normal accent.

    Why would he go to Real Madrid? Spain is all hot and shit, plus he's got to learn a whole new language? Los sientos de nada amigo. Spurs don't feed Real Madrid anymore, we decided to start beating them instead.

    At the back of our minds we know this to be true... it won't stop us singing "it's coming home" on the first game though, getting our hopes up like we always do
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    New Jersey now Queens
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