Passing On "Your Teams" to your kids?

Discussion in 'Sports Bar' started by Nameless Ghoul, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Agreed, for example.. I have a friend that I met in college, that was(and still is) a "LeBron Fan". I'm originally from NE Ohio, and he is from South Carolina. He talked so some much shit to me after "The Decision" and through the 4 Heat years, calling me every time they kicked the Cavs asses, and gloating after both championships. Then in 2014, when it looked like LeBron was coming back, I saw him at a party, and he was like "Dude! I'm so pumped LeBron is coming back! I'm excited to be a Cavs fan again, and can't wait to see him finally bring Cleveland a championship!". I told him "As a lifelong Cavs fan, as far as I'm concerned you're not welcome back to share in that moment, if they do win it all."

    Needless to say he got pissy, but as expected he's all about the Lakers now. Isn't the fun of being a fan about "the journey", so when one of your teams finally break through it means that much more?

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