PotWR- US/Israel v. Iran

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Will we go to war with Iran this year?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    ...late comer to the party.

    I do not see Iran as a threat in the Middle East. Iran is Persian, not Arab. Even with a nuclear bomb, which I'm sure they have by now, I don't see them starting any trouble in that part of the world. What would they have to gain? Yeah, they talk a lot of shit, but in the end they are all bark and no bite. Just like North Korea. Both countries know they would be 'vaporized' off the map if they launched one single nuke at anyone.

    If extremely backwards and 'dumb' countries like North Korea and Pakistan can achieve the know how for an atom bomb (not a thermonuclear weapon), so can Iran. They've had years now to turn Uranium-238 into Uranium-235 in their centrifugates for an atom bomb. Small and rudimentary, maybe 5 kilotons of explosive power. The Hiroshima bomb was about 15 kilotons.

    "These people never learn..."
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    If we see aggressive regime change in Iran its going to be via US invasion and surely in that position absolutely all possible effort will be put forth to limit any Russian or Chinese influence potentially drawing the former and maybe the latter into the conflict either directly or indirectly.

    Iraq had the benefit that it was somewhat more neutral ground having previously been US allied in the cold war which limited the potential for Russian intervention.
  4. Seaside

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    3rd world
    you never know deals can be made. If the US wants to start ww3 and attack Russia and china then by all means go ahead but that not good. It possible in return for recognize crimea, and sanction relief Russia could give the okay in secret and give high value information to US and let US regime change Iran and bomb it and destroy it military. Doing that then weakens syria and lebanon and yemen meaning Israel is safe for now, yemen will fall to saudis, syria will be partioned to kurds, maybe some parts near golan to israel. Turkey will get some territory and Russia will likely carve out an alawite state and keep it port.

    I just cannot see the US doing another iraq that war was so globaly disliked and it seems most americans now dont ever want to nation build again. Even if you guys rig presidential election to key pro war presidents in power i dont think you can stop all other areas of the society against it.
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    Depends on what Israel wants. Americans are their dogs so they will do what they say.

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