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    Hey there I am an amateur kickboxer, I will only really have a track field to use for s/c training for the next two months. Just calisthenics and cardio. How do I split my HIIT/sprints with my longer slower paced roadwork? How many days should I be running? How often should I be doing my strength work, and what should it consist of? I do not have a fight coming up, I just want to really develop my s&c.
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    Good question, now I am doing boxing and judo I don´t have much time for sprints but the conditioning part before boxing is oriented to the sport, guess that with 2 days of heavy weights you would have something on the table.
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    I used to be this way, just a 400m track and dip and pullup bars.
    This training is the most beneficial to a kickboxer tbh. You don't need heavy weights and fancy machines to be an effective striker.
    The way I used to do it was:
    -Two weekly runs of 3-5k
    -Lactate intervals once a week (look them up, pretty much 800, 1200 or 1600 meter runs at the maximum speed you can muster, then rest for half the time that you spent running, then do it again for a total running volume of about 5k).
    -50, 100 and 200 meter sprints once a week.
    -Beep test once a week to gauge your progress. It's two birds with one stone, seeing as how it's both a great cardio builder and a way to see if you're improving.

    Sample looks like this:
    MON 5k Run + Pullups, Dips, Jump Squats
    TUE Lactate Intervals
    WED Rest
    THU 5k Run
    FRI Sprints + calisthenics
    SAT Rest
    SUN Beep Test + calisthenics if you feel fresh.

    On a side note, avoid very long, low pace runs. 5k runs are the longest distance you should be running, and should aim at running it for about 24 minutes or less. They are to build an aerobic base, whereas the lactate intervals and sprints are much more applicable and specific to kickboxing, as they develop speed and anaerobic endurance, which are more beneficial to fighting than running for 20 minutes straight, given that you're fighting 3x3 rounds.
    If you can't fit all of these sessions in or you feel overtrained, cut out the second 5k run, then the beep test.
    Make sure you're getting at least one 5k run, one interval session and one sprint session per week tho.

    Good luck!
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