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    Hi all,

    so i'm in the process of working out how to put a punch bag in my garage.

    It started simple but has gotten a little out of hand so wanting some sage advice as to what's the best option.

    So, my garage has a flat roof and rafters spanning the width (it's 3m wide)
    The roof isn't great and to be fair neither is the brickwork in the garage so I've ruled out putting a mount on the wall or for that matter the rafters - any vibration will hurt the roofing and I don't want leaks.

    I have been looking at making a frame from Tubeclamp (scaffold tube) which is only supported by the floor, i.e. 2 uprights with 45 degree supports and a horizontal beam across with 2 diagonal supports to the uprights (a bit like a gymnasts frame)

    This is one option, comes in at around £130 all in.

    Another option is to have two uprights, then bolt on an I beam and purchase a crane trolley, this would mean I can easily move the bag out of the way when I want/need to rather than having to take it off as in option 1.

    This option is around £250 all in.

    I have however seen pro mountings rafter mounts with the in built shock absorbers etc. Look great...not available in the UK!

    anyone have any other options or should I just get on with the Tube clamp frame and be done with it.

    Just a big bit of kit to install and don't want to look back and go "what if" or for that matter "I wish i'd done this"
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    You might have been better off buying a prebuilt freestanding bag mount.
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