Best Mini Thai Pads?

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by biscuitsbrah, Mar 13, 2018.

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    I am also tempted to get the Revgear ones. Hopefully someone has experience with them and can give us a little feedback.
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    Here’s my thoughts :

    Those ring to cage are stiff/hard for a very very long time , I’m a hard kicker and don’t like them or any I work with even the 200lbs guys

    Compact is good for not strong kicks but once power is developed then the protection is compromised for the pad holder . Forearm bruising , elbow injury and even fractures could happen . I have tried many brands but stick to the basic Fairtex white ones , they have a microfiber version (black / gold / red ) which have the forearm padding and weight half than the leather ones so that would be my first choice . Try to find them for a good deal and you won’t regret it . They will last years , if size really matters that much then get the white ones in small size . They only have one strap instead of two but be aware that the protection might not be equal and for inexperienced practitioners the smaller the target the higher the risk of missing . Yokkao also makes a small version but not as small as the Fairtex . No go in revgear for me , if you want something US branded then Triumph United makes those fancy lime green which seem good too
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