What is something unexplainable that happened to you but you'll sound crazy if you tell others?

Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by Alphaboy, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. bortt

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    Jul 23, 2010
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    Sitting on a park bench...
    Wasn't about Bourdain, but I am getting a little bit concerned because the poster who died in the dream hasn't been active in over week.
  2. MoparOrNoCar

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    Aug 11, 2015
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    It's not unexplainable but no one belives me when I tell this story. (UFC related)

    About 4-5 years ago I was really bored on a Friday night so I start talking to this chubby girl with massive tits online. She was either an E or F bra size and she was bigger than I normally like but wasn't that big compared to how big her tits were. Anyway she seemed cool and sent me a picture of her and Nick Diaz when I told her I was into teh UFC. She lived like an hour away and it's 10pm but on a whim I'm like what the hell, lets meet for a drink.

    I drive to Stockton and meet her at this bar. She's a bit cuter and not as big as I was thinking (titties were amazing) but she's still not like really hot or anything. Either way we get to drinking and talking and she was pretty damn cool. Then she tells me she used to date Nick Diaz not long ago. I'm like get the fuck out of here. She tells me that she met him at a bar when she had no idea who he even was and that they got to be friends, then they dated for a while, broke up because he was a man whore and then still banged once in a while but stayed fairly good friends. She said she has gone to Cesar Gracie's with him and met, Urijah, Neck tats and Ronda who she said was a bitch because I guess her and Nick banged too and she was jealous. Of course knew Nate as well.

    I'm still like get the fuck out of here with this nonsense. So she says they just went to Vegas together and shows me a pic. I'm like whatever you could have just saw him there and took that pic with him. She shows me another pic and they're inside of a kitchen together. Now I'm like damn maybe she does know him but I still act like I don't believe her. So she gets him on some face time or skype shit or whatever and it sure as shit was Nick Diaz. He was like "What? I'm driving home from LA right now" and she tells him that she's with this guy at a bar that doesn't believe they dated. He just says something like "I gotta go but tell him to fuck off" and he hangs up lol. I can't remember but they used pet names of some sort for each other as well.

    I was like holy shit this bitch really does know him and she winds up telling me a bunch of stuff like how Nick has hit her a handful of times and now Nate hates her cat and won't go near it because it's scary as fuck. We're both hammered at this point and we drive back to her house and it's like 2:30am and she wants to play pool and hang out with her roommates. I just want to bang or gtfo of there and back home because it's late so we head to her room and sure as shit, there is a scary ass cat in there that was growling at me from across the room. We ended up banging and it was kind of scary with my balls out and that cat growling but that all went smooth and I didn't end up getting home until like almost 5am.

    We played phone tag for a bit and I wound up getting dinner with her a month later but for whatever reason the chemistry wasnt there that time and that was the last time we hung out. Cool chick but you wouldn't have expected her to date a guy like that based on her looks. She told me that the girls he cheated on her with were the hot gold digger types but that he would still come back and try and get with her once he got tired of them and then he'd find another one and drop her until he got bored again.
  3. Gutter Chris

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    Jan 25, 2016
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    When I was in my teens I used to have dreams where a komodo dragon would visit me and show me my future and it was so trippy I thought i was losing my mind

    It just stopped some time toward the end of highschool

    I have no idea what that was about or why or anything like that

    Wish that fucker woulda told me something more useful than things my idiot friends said or places I was going to be
  4. Don Quixote

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    May 22, 2007
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    The Bible Belt
    A few years ago I thought I saw a silhouette of a person walk into my bedroom. I never thought anything about it until my brother said he saw something similar.
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  5. Khabibs Tiramisu

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    Oct 15, 2017
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    Not sure why this isn't brought up in other countries, but in the Philippines, when you dream about losing a single tooth, someone is surely to die. I believe this since it has happened to me like twice already, and I know a lot of people who can attest to this as well. This is pretty common knowledge in the Philippines and the dream that I fear of having the most.

    Something bizarre and somehow funny that happened to me was when I dreamed that I was on a date with this pretty Jordanian girl from our office and we were kissing. On that same night my close buddy was dreaming that he was supposed to have a date with the same girl but the girl didn't show up. :D It was a bit scary and i had to call the girl immediately after my buddy told me about it to make sure she was okay.
  6. GergreG

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    Mar 6, 2017
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    This thread just reminded me of something that happened to me about 25 years ago. My friend and I were sharing a small apartment and decided we wanted a dog. I knew a bloke who had some Rottweilers and had an extra one that came from a bad home where he was mistreated. We took him in and he was an awesome dog, we both loved the dog and spoiled him. Anyway we both got girlfriends and move away, he kept the dog because he had a bigger yard. One night several months later I have this incredibly vivid dream where I'm at work and the dog comes and visits me. Although I was working underground I sensed it was there and went to meet it. He had these festering sores all over it's body and it died in my arms.
    I woke up and told me g/f the dog was dead, I just knew it.

    So the next morning I rang my mate and told him my dream and he said he had a similar dream and more importantly the dog had been missing for a few days. About a week later my mate found out the dog had died.
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  7. strongstylekarate

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    Dec 2, 2017
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    Australia and Switzerland
    My pet cat talking to me and laughing with me, he has the voice of Phil Collins.

    Then I realized I was smoking too much weed.
  8. Brazilian HKD

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    Sao Paulo, Brazil (now in MA)
    I am from Brazil, and that's not common, but I remember a girl whose mother always claimed that predicted someone's death when she dreamed about losing a tooth. Weird huh?
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  9. That209

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    Jun 20, 2012
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    Dan Quinn's house learning hands of steel
    Yeah, TS, weird shit like that happens. You dream about something and not long after that thing pops up in real life some way. It’s kinda like déjà vu.

    For me it’s when I saw a shadow person (twice), as well as feeling weird things..?
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  10. kenshinx90

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    Apr 10, 2014
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    A place where people like "that" get slapped
    I had a dream that I was in the dark from third person view. All I can see is my face laying side ways, until somebody else puts starts stroking my head, I try to move but cant. The man stroking my head starts laughing and I wake up.

    This is when I quit meth and was withdrawing very badly. A few weeks before, an aquantince of mine had told me a story about how someone took advantage of him while on GHB(a potential date rape drug) he recently fell on hard times and became homeless and seems to have moved in with a shady character.

    I have not been able to get in touch with him since.
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  11. HunterSdVa29

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    Aug 18, 2010
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    29 Palms (from San Diego)
    while filming the movie Route 666, Lou Diamond Phillips somehow ended up at the same afterparty as me out here

    he later woke me up as he was trying to find my then mother in law to smash hahaha

    about the most random thing to ever happen to me

    Also I saw what appeared to be a figure in old timey USMC uniform walking up my friends stairs (his dad was the Commanding General of Quantico MCB, and they lived in the large colonial era style CG quarters).......I asked him if anybody was staying the night, or anything as they always had parties and high ranking guests (met Mattis there, twice). Turns out, no there wasn't, but apparently the ghost of General Lejuene haunts the grounds there...

    Not saying that's what I saw, but ......
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  12. The Witcher

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    Nov 15, 2015
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    You may or may not believe this but this is true and its bizarre/borderline scary.

    My little sister (15 months younger) as a child aged between 4-6 would always talk about seeing Matt, a 'ghost' of some sort. No one ever saw Matt or heard from him and we all thought it was just childish stuff, at least my parents did, i wasnt sure what i thought back then. Our house at the time is this really old fucked up house and would creak and groan.My sister would hear footsteps, saying it was Matt... i was scared shitless of the house but yeah still never saw him.

    There is where it gets really fucked up.

    My old man and i were digging a large hole for my mum, we were making a fish pond around the side of the house and hit something solid (i thought it was buried treasure and was very excited). We scraped away the dirt and it was white, made of stone. We unburied it and it was a tombstone. Perfect condition, rectangular white stone. We flipped it over and the inscription read something like

    'He lies Matt.... beloved husband'... etc


    The tombstone is still at the fishpond to this day. Ill post a pic when i go on my phone. The older i have gotten the more bizarre i think it is. Add to the fact i had some real demonic experiences in that house that i can elaborate later on. I am petrified of the house to this day, my mum still lives there, always wondered if the house is on a old graveyard.
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    D3THRONED Brown Belt

    Dec 30, 2010
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    Seeing a UFO with a few friends. We were walking in the neighborhood park around midnight a few years back and I looked up and notice this shiny/glowing flying object. This thing is no more than 100-200 feet up in the air above us. I yelled to my friends to look up to make sure I wasn’t seeing things and sure enough they saw it too. It looked like a living organism because of the movement. It moved fast/slow at the same time.. and I know that doesn’t make any sense but it’s the best I can explain it’s movement. It was jellyfish like, fucking bizzare.
  14. 45ACP

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    Dec 15, 2009
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    a stupid city
    I once farted, sneezed and burped all at the same time.
  15. SoberAwakening

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    Sep 9, 2014
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    Las Vegas
    I predicted Michael Jackson's death on the day that it happened.

    I was flying with one of my pilots and we were doing an early morning launch. He came in and was like, "hey, did you hear Farrah Fawcett died?" I was like, "I did! That's crazy." He asked me who I though the next person would be because we always joked that celebs die in 3. For whatever reason I guessed Michael Jackson and that afternoon I get a call from my pilot and he's like, "what the f*c! did you do?! You killed Michael!" I thought he was joking, but nope. Mike was dead. If I played the celeb deadpool that day, I'd be rich! Crazy coincidence for sure.

    Read about Paul Walker dying 2 days before it actually happened.

    Other thing I'd say is that I saw "Breaking News: Paul Walker Dead in Car Accident" news on a website a day or so before it happened. I thought it was a hoax because absolutely no one was talking about it or covering it on the news. Two days later when it actually happened, I was super confused and tried to go find that website again. It was gone. I told enough people the day I saw it though that when it actually happened, people were legit freaked. I was legit freaked.

    Also, I've experienced that sleep paralysis. Completely awake, can't move and feeling a dark, and I mean dark presence in the room with me. I've never been so scared in my adult life. I walk around in the dark, it doesn't bother me. That night though, I was legit scared.
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  16. JohnMandick

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    Smoking out back with Sak.
    I was still living with my parents and I woke up to go to work. No one was in the house, totally quiet, but something felt really fucking weird and I couldn't shake it.

    So I turned on the TV (which I absolutely never do in the mornings before work) just in time to see the 2nd plane hit the tower live.

    Fucking weirds me out to this day.
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  17. I Am Legion

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    I met a girl in college. We both had serious Deja Vu upon meeting. Like we stared smiling at each other but also confused. We were in the commons area and she asked me about my brother. I asked her about her sister. We had never met but we knew each other. She was from upstate. She kept saying “I know you, we have been together before”. I knew her too....I could see her in flashes of memories. I remembered her smell. She knew I liked old school pin ball and Pearl Jam. I knew she liked Sushi but not wasabi. It was weird as fuck. Then we actually did date for a few months before she died of a freak brain aneurism. Funny thing is I knew the whole time we dated, it was fun but wouldn’t last long....like almost totally fell in love but never could.....if that makes sense.
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  19. Organic Damage

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    The Zone
    FML, nothing remotely paranormal or unexplained has ever happened to me. Of course I would definitely lose my shit if it did, lol, I'm a pantywaist.

    Keep 'em coming guys.
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  20. RagingBeringola

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    This one won't sound crazy, but…

    I was going to the movies with a friend. The movie we were going to watch was "Brother" with Takeshi Kitano. We were on the bus chatting when an asian guy climbed. Just for the fun, I bet with my friend that that dude was going to watch the same movie, since he was asian (yes, it was a pretty lame bet). But 2 stops before arriving to the cinema, the guy climbs out… oh well, too bad, and we laughed it off…

    I live in a city with ~100'000 people and the line between the railroad station and the cinema is usually crowded, so no way some random guy would watch the same movie just out of nowhere.

    We enter the cinema, take out tickets, enter the room, take our places. Soon it starts projecting some previews of other movies and some advertisements. Some people are still entering the room once in a while. And at some point, we see the asian guy from the bus entering the room… and he comes and sits right besides me !
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